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ClickKeen is a Software Development Company with a strong team of highly skilled IT experts. The Company also develops cost-effective server applications, back-end and cross-platform for all industry verticals.

Desktop Applications

We at ClickKeen strive to design and develop desktop applications which are elegant, robust and high performance. We offer a complete range of desktop application development services so that you get a complete package which is just not limited to software development.

Back-end Development

ClickKeen offers back-end developers specialists with more than 220,000 hours of coding experience building Rest APIs, Web Services, mobile app back-end, website back-end and custom back-end solutions. For us, the key priorities for web back-end is security, accuracy, redundancy, and performance.

Software As A Service

We build SaaS applications for fundamental business technologies, such as email, sales management, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, human resource management (HRM), billing and collaboration.

Business To Customers Applications

Our commendable experience on B2C application development services encompasses building job portals, travel portals, auction & bidding portals, Ecommerce portals, married portals, social networking sites and additional.

Business To Business Applications

B2B software development requires a profound understanding of the business process. We create powerful and feature-rich applications that provides a safe way to exchange data between businesses. Our team is led by one or more Project Managers to deal with a long-running business processes and stakeholders with the potential of influencing the final product.

Customer To Customer Applications

C2C businesses are a new type of business model, sometimes disruptive, that have emerged with ecommerce technology and the sharing economy. We help startups to build solutions to facilitate C2C transactions
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